House Brews


1PA - A West Coast India Pale Ale, with intense citrus flavors and aromas


AMBERDEXTROUS - A robust Amber Ale, with an unexpected smooth roasty flavor


Pepper in the Rye

PEPPER IN THE RYE - A Rye Ale spiced with fresh cracked peppercorns, heavily hopped with Saaz


CITRAPOLOGY - This beer pours a butterscotch color with a frothy thick head and extensive lacing.  The smell is mostly citra with a touch of malt.  There is an initial sharp pine taste that quickly transcends into a light hoppy bitterness. This is followed by a strong citrus flavor which lingers and blends into a mild sweet crisp finish.


RIYAS CHAMBERMAID (CHERRY AMBER) -  Deep crimson color. Steady pours head with delicate lacing. The nose has a pleasant tart cherry smell. The initial taste is a sweet Amber malt that is paired with a flavorful hint of tart cherryness from the start. A pleasant dry character follows that is quickly accompanied by a mild fruit essence that lingers sweetly on the tongue..


 MCKEES CHOCOLATE MILK STOUT - Creamy chocolatey goodness smoothly goes down with the help of being poured on nitro

SLOWCOAST SESSION IPA, The 1PA’s little sister, great floral aroma with a well balanced bite.



PAINT THE TOWN BROWN- Rich deep chocolate notes, make this brown anything but boring.  Rich bitter Coffee bean notes shine through.

* Highway 1 House Brews are subject to availability *